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Healthcare Payment Solutions

Our integrated Payment Bridge makes payment processing easy and convenient. Some of the many benefits include bulk text-to-pay options and online invoicing options. In addition, by holding credit cards on file, we eliminate sending statements and automatically bill and post transactions to the patient ledger. With no manual entry required, we can reduce A/R discrepancies and free up your staff to focus on other important tasks.

Automate A/R

Make your payment process easy and efficient with our automated accounts receivable service. By holding credit cards on file and automatically billing and posting all transactions, you can forget about the hassle of sending paper statements. Patients will appreciate the convenience, and you'll enjoy faster and more reliable payments. 

Online Invoicing

Our Online Invoicing service is designed to make payment processing simple and hassle-free. With our patient portal, you can access your invoices online, at any time, making it easy to manage your payments. Eliminate the labor and expenses of sending paper statements and receive payment quicker!

Integrated EMR

Our healthcare payments bridge offers direct integration with your EMR system ensuring that payments are automatically posted back to the patient's ledger. Eliminating the need to manually reconcile your programs. This means that you save time and improve the overall quality of your work with no room for manual error.

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